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0-Mobile Power Supply System

Mobile Power Supply

The mobile power supply system is the key components to supply the power to the travelling cranes. It combines the conductor, conductor protection housing, and the current collector. The mobile power supply system’s safely, reliable, and high effective working is the key determinants of the successful operation of a crane.

NANTE can offer the various mobile power supply system for crane’s cross travel and long travel which include:

a)HFP series 50A-240A Enclosed Conductor Rail.
b)NSP series 250-1250A Unipole Conductor Rail.
c)HTR series 50A-140A High Tro Reel system.
d)C track, I beam, Wire rope, angle bar festoon system.
e) MCR,SCR series motorized cable reel and spring cable reel.
f)TKA series energy chain system.
g) YFFB flat cable, RVV round cable, and PUR cables for different crane application

1-Enclosed Conductor Rail

Enclosed Conductor Rail

2-Unipole Conductor Rail

Unipole Conductor Rail

3-High Tro Reel Conductor Rail2 - 副本

High Tro Reel

4-Festoon System

Festoon System

5-Cable Reel

Cable Reel

6-Energy Chain

Cable Energy Chain

7-Crane Cable 2 - 副本

Crane Cables