0-workstation and offshore crane 2

Workstation & Offshore Crane

Workstation cranes system are generally used for material handling on the station, especially for smaller work areas, such as logistics warehouse, precision machining, metal manufacturing, and automobile manufacturing, which can greatly shorten the material handling time and improve work efficiency. This series of products from Nante has the characteristics of compact structure, safety and reliability, convenient installation, easy maintenance and easy operation.

Offshore cranes are common used for material handling in marine environments, such as marine ships, oil and gas platforms, offshore wind power platforms, etc. Nante’s offshore cranes have the advanced futures of corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, wind and sun protection, and easy operation.

Nante can provide the following diversified product solutions for customers to choose from.


a) 250kg-5t Free Standing Jib Crane, Wall mounted Jib Crane, Wall Travelling Jib Crane, and Movable Jib Crane.

b) 250kg-2t Light Crane system

c) 150kg-10t Davit Crane and 5t-50t Customized Offshore Crane.

d) 150kg-2t Movable Mini gantry Crane

11 jib crane

Jib Crane

12 light crane system

Light Flexible Crane System

13-offshore crane

Offshore Crane

14 mini mobile gantry crane

Mini Mobile Gantry Crane