0-Crane Component 3

Festoon System

Product Description

Festoon system is a mobile power supply system for crane cross travel and short distance long travel. Nante’s festoon system is safety and reliability, easy for installation and maintenance. Nante can offer C track festoon system, I beam festoon system, wire rope festoon system, angel bar festoon system, for selection. In additions, NANTE can provide customized curved track, stainless steel, stainless steel with plastic coating for heavy corrosive environment to meet customer’s special request and different site condition.


1) The C Track is formed by Bao steel gallivanted sheet, and the cuts at both ends is leveled and deburred to ensure smooth joints.
2) The Cable Carrier has various selections, like steel trolley, plastic trolley, flat cable trolley, round cable trolley etc.
3) The plastic parts are made by reforced plastic, strong and durable.
4) The hardware like hanger, jointer are made by cold plate, and galvanized, ensure long-term use without rust

Technical Parameter

Model Cable Trolley Capacity Track and Trolley Material Customized feature
C32 Festoon System 20kg/Steel Trolley

8kg/Plastic trolley

Galvanized Steel,

304/316 Stainless Steel,

Curved Track

With plastic coating

C40 Festoon System 30kg/Steel Trolley Galvanized Steel Curved Track
I beam festoon system 35kg/Steel Trolley Galvanized Steel Curved Track
Wire rope festoon System 6kg/Plastic trolley Galvanized Steel and Plastic /
Angel Bar Festoon System 20kg/Steel Trolley Galvanized Stee /