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0-Hoisting Mechnisiam

Hoisting Mechanism

The hoisting mechanism is the core component of the cranes. It combines motor, gear box, brake, drum, pulley, hook block, control panel. Except these main components, the hoisting mechanism also include several safety device, like rotational limit switch, overload limit switch, cross limit switch, phase relay etc.


NANTE can offer the various hoisting mechanism design for selection which include:

a)NHA Series 1.6t-63t single girder, double girder European standard electric wire rope hoist.
b)NHC Series 1.6t-16t single girder, double girder H type electric wire rope hoist.
c)CDMD Series 1t-20t traditional electric wire rope hoist.
d)NW Series 5t-300t double girder open winch.
e)NCHA Series 250kg~5000kg European standard electric chain hoist.
f) NCHC Series 250kg~25000kg Japanese type electric chain hoist.


NHA Series Wire Rope Hoist


NHC Series Wire Rope Hoist


CD/MD Series Wire Rope Hoist


NW Series Open Winch


NCHA Series uropean standard chain hoist


NCHC Series Japanese type chain hoist