0-construction crane

Construction Crane

Nante has rich experience in road and bridge construction lifting equipment, and we can provide different lifting solution base on different site conditions and construction methods to ensure efficient and safe construction of highway and bridges. Nante’s product have the advanced futures of high stability, strong adaptability, which can be effectively used in rivers, railways, tunnels, and curved conditions, thereby, our equipment can greatly improves the operating efficiency and equipment reusing.

Nante can offer the Road&bridge construction lifting equipment base on different site condition:


a) 50-900t launching crane

b) 50-1000t Segment lifter

c) 50t-300t Form Traveller

d) 0.5t-1000t Construction Pulling Winch

e) 5t-8t Punching Pile Driver

11-launching crane

Launching Crane

12-segment lifter

Segment lifter

13-form traveller

Form Traveller


Construction Pulling Winch

15- pile driver

Punching Pile Driver