0-Crane Component 3

High Tro Reel

Product Description

The High Tro Reel conductor rail, also known as the seamless power rail, is an electrical power distribution system used in various applications, such as industrial automation, material handling systems, and electric transportation systems. This conductor rail provides a safe and reliable method of supplying electrical power to moving equipment or vehicles. NANTE can offer the high tro reel bus bar with different poles and capacity, like 4 poles 35A to 140A, 6 poles 35A to 100A.


1) The housing is made by high quality PVC with low calcium powder, good shape and long service life.
2) The conductor is 99.9999% (T3 level) purity cooper
3) The current collector is made by reforced Nylon and high quality cooper-graphite brush, good for conductivity and long service life.
4) The joint box and end tension is made by reforced plastic, strong and durable.

Technical Parameter

Model Poles Rated Current Conductor
HTR-4 4 poles 35A-140A Copper
HTR-6 6 poles 35A-100A Copper