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0-Crane Control

Crane Control & Safety

The crane control system is the core component of a crane, which can issue instructions for various actions of the crane. After receiving the instructions, the electric control system sends action signals to various mechanisms to guide the crane’s work. Meanwhile, the safety devices of the crane can protect the crane from damage by avoid crane continuing to work in extreme situations.

NANTE can offer the various crane control device which include:

a)Lifting Control Panel and Long Travel Control Panel of Crane.
b)Remote Control with buttons and joysticks.
c)Single Speed and Double Speed pendent control with 3-13 buttons.
d)Crane cabin with chair and console.
e)Crane safety device, like overload limit switch, position limit switch, cross like switch etc.

10 Control Panel

Control Panel

11-Remote Control

Remote Control

13-Crane Operation Cabin

Crane Cabin

12-Pendent Control

Pendent Control

14-Safety Device

Safety Device