0-Crane Component 3

Cable Reel

Product Description

MCR/SCR series cable reel is a mobile power supply system for crane long travel or vertical direction cable reeling purpose. Nante’s cable reel is safety and reliability, easy for installation and maintenance. Nante can offer motorized cable reel for heavy duty and capacity, spring type cable reel for light duty and small capacity. In additions, NANTE can provide multiple cable drum and high IP grade motor to meet customer’s special request and different site condition.


1) Use clutch type gear box design which can automatically slip when the torque increases, thereby control the reeling and release of the cable.
2) ABB, Siemens, and SEW motors with IP55 and F rating are used to ensure the product’s service life.
3) The electric cabinet has an IP55 protection level, adopts Schneider electrical components, and conforms to IEC electrical standards.
4) A time delay switch is installed so that the cable reel can continue winding the cable after the crane stop, to avoid the cable being in a slack state.
5) The cable guider is made of high-strength nylon or steel pulley, which is strong and durable.
6) Adapt with special cable clamp to avoid the hurt of the cable pulling.

Technical Parameter

Model Max. Current Applied Cable Type Driving Device
MCR Motorized Cable Reel 630A  Round Cable or Flat Cable Motor
SCR Spring Cable Reel 100A Round Cable Spring