0-Crane Component 3

Unipole Conductor Rail

Product Description

NSP unipole conductor rail is a safety conductor rail for the medium and high current capacity application. This series conductor rail is wide current range, safety and reliability, easy for installation and maintenance. Nante can offer NSP H24, and NSP H32 two model, and 250A-1600A for selection. In additions, NANTE can provide customized color, and copper or aluminum conductor to meet customer’s special request and different site condition.


1) The housing is made by high quality PVC with low calcium powder, good shape and long service life.
2) The conductor is 99.9999% aluminum or 99.9999% (T3 level) purity cooper
3) The current collector is made by galvanized steel and high quality cooper-graphite brush, good for conductivity and long service life.
4) The joint box and end feed is made by reforced plastic, strong and durable.

Technical Parameter

Model Rated Current Conductor Length per Bar
NSP H24 250A Aluminum 4m or 5.8m
NSP HT24 500A-800A Copper 4m or 5.8m
NSP H32 320A-1250A Aluminum 4m or 5.8m
NSP HT32 800A-1600A Copper 4m or 5.8m