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0-Travelling Mechanism

Travelling Mechanism

The travelling mechanism is the key component of the cranes. It combines steel structure frame, wheel sets, motor, gear box, brake etc. Except these main components, the travelling mechanism also include several safety device, like rubber buffer, cross limit switch, rail/storm locker, anti-derailment device etc.

NANTE can offer the various travelling mechanism design for selection which include:

a)HSE Series 125mm-630mm hollow shaft end carriage
b)OGE Series 125mm-500mm open gear end carriage
c)SCE Series 100mm-200mm underhung end carriage
d)RTE Series 500mm-2000mm rubber tyro end carriage
e)NTTC Series Transfer Car

10-Hollow shaft end carriage

Hollow Shaft End Carriage

11-Open Gear End Carriage

Open Gear End Carriage

12-Underhung End Carriage

Underhung End Carriage

13-Rubber Tyre End Carriage

Rubber Tyre End Carriage

14-Transfer Car

Transfer Car