0-Crane Component 3

Rubber Tyre End Carriage

Product Description

RTE series end carriage is special designed for rubber tyre gantry crane (RTG). This series end carriage can use solid or pneumatic tyre, 180 degree or 360 degree steering, hydraulic and electric steering mechanism to meet the different budget and site condition. In additions, NANTE can offer the advanced safety functions, like anemometer, steering encoder, electric bell, sound and revolving light etc.


1) Use high quality solid tyre which can run on a harsh ground.
2) The RTG doing 90°, 180°,360° rotation according to customer request.
3) Single wheel can be adjusted with small angel individually, or four wheels can be set to 0°, 45°, 90° by remote control
4) Two RTGs can operate simultaneously.
5) Equipped with an auxiliary hydraulic system to support the safe operation of the steering mechanism.
6) Can be equipped with Geneset for the power supply.

Technical Parameter

Model Wheel Dia. Rotational Degree Speed(m/min) Duty Group
RTE Rubber Typre End Carriage 500-2000mm 90°,  180°,360° 20-40 M4,M5,M6