0-Crane Component 3

Hollow Shaft End Carriage

Product Description

HSE series hollow shaft end carriage is NANTE’s new generation travel mechanism. This series end carriage has the advantage of compact design, high transmission efficiency, low noisy, easy assembly and disassembly and maintenance. NANTE can offer end carriage, wheel block, bogie of overhead crane and gantry crane design for different application. In additions, NANTE offer the advanced safety functions for the HSE series end carriage, like anti-sway, cross limit switch, photo sensor, storm locker, sound and revolving light, rail deviation correction device etc.


1)  The wheel is machined from alloy forged steel which has high permissible wheel load.
2)  Use spherical roller bearing for long service life.
3)  The wheel mechanical performance is enhanced by tempering heat treatment, and the hardness can reach to 300-380HB.
4)  The steel frame is open and module design so that the wheel can be easily assembled and disassembled
5)  Equipped with gear motor with electromagnetic brake, IP55 protection level, F isolation class. (Can upgrade to IP66 and H class)
6)  The motor is controlled by inverter, the travelling is step-less speed, low noisy, and smoothly running.
7)  SA2.5 class surface pre-treated by shot blasting, Painting system is C3-C5 according to ISO 12944-5.

Technical Parameter

Model Wheel Dia. Design Options Travel Speed Duty Group
HSW Wheel Set 125-630mm /
HSB Wheel Block 125-630mm /
HSE EC for Single Girder 125-400mm Wheel base:1m-5m, 20-40m/min M3-M6
HSE-D EC for Double Girder 200-630mm Wheel base:2.5m-8m 20-100m/min M3-M7
HSE Bogie for Overhead Crane 200-630mm Wheel no.: 8, 12, 16 20-100m/min M3-M8
HSE bogie for Gantry Crane 200-630mm Wheel no.: 8, 12, 16 20-100m/min M3-M8