Segment Lifter

Product Description

Segment lifter also called bridge builder or Lifting frame, mainly adopts balance cantilever construction method for precast segment bridge construction and widely used in cable-stayed bridge. NANTE has developed several types of Segment Lifter system tailored for the various erection requirements of pre-cast segmental viaduct. The technology has been used successfully to complete several large balanced cantilever bridges worldwide.


1) The lifter is fitted with electric winches or strand jacks system and is launched forward by hydraulic system. The lifter can also be equipped with steel wheel/rails or rubber tyre mounted for increased mobility.

Technical Parameter

Type Capacity Height Lifting
Hydraulic pre-stress wire Segment Lifter 600-1200t 6m-100m
Hydraulic winch Segment Lifter 60t-120t 6m-20m
Variable amplitude Segment Lifter 200t-500t 6m-100m
Rubber Tyre Segment Lifter 60t-150t 6m-20m
Gantry Crane Segment Lifter 50t-150t 6m-30m