Construction Winch

Product Description

A construction winch is a mechanical device used in construction projects to lift or pull heavy loads. It is typically mounted on a vehicle or a fixed structure and consists of a drum or reel around which a wire rope is wound. The winch is powered by an electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic motor, allowing it to exert a significant amount of force to move or hoist heavy objects. Construction winches are commonly used in applications such as lifting construction materials, pulling equipment, or towing vehicles. They are designed to provide stability, durability, and control to handle the demanding requirements of construction sites.


1. Design based on standards such as FEM, CMAA, EN ISO, GB, etc.
2. Multiple wire rope winding layers, the maximum rope capacity can reach 1000 meters.
3. The drum is made of Q355B seamless or welded pipe,
4. Can apply with Different types gear boxes, including KA type, industrial box with hard tooth surface, ZQ metering box with soft tooth surface, planetary metering box, etc.
5. Can apply China brand motors, SEW, NORD, Siemens, ABB and others, ED reaches 60%, and the effectiveness is IE3.
6. Can apply different brake system such as electromagnetic brake, hydraulic brake, disc brake, etc., or a combination.
7. Inverter control with IP55 enclosure
8. It can be controlled by remote control, pendent control or console.

Technical Parameter

 Modl Capacity Pulling Distance
NWC-K 500-5000kg 50-500m
NWC-S 1000- 5000kg 50-500m
JK 500-25000kg 6m-50m
JM 500-25000kg 50-1000