Punching Pile Driver

Product Description

Punching pile driver is mechanical equipment in the construction of bridge, highway, railway and others, which is composed of pile hammer, steel frame and auxiliary equipment. The pile hammer is attached between two parallel vertical guide rods (The gantry) in the front of the pile frame and lifted with a lifting hook. The pile frame is a steel structure tower, and a winch is set at its rear to lift the pile and pile hammer.


1) Punching pile machine has the advantages of large punching diameter and deep depth, high verticality, low construction cost, low power consumption and convenient operation. Automatic control system can be added to realize automatic drilling.

Technical Parameter

Model Name Punching Dia.(mm) Winch model Hammer Weight(T) Dimension(mm) Total


CK-900 600-900 JKL3 2 6000*2000*6300 5500
CK1500 900-1500 Jkl5(A) 4 7000*2000*7000 6500
CK1800 1200-1800 Jkl6(A) 5 7000*2000*7000 6700
Ck2000 1500-2000 JKL8(A) 6 7200*2000*7200 9500
Ck2200 2000-2200 JKL10(A) 8 7200*2000*7200 9800
CK2500 2200-2500 JKL12.5 10 7500*2200*7500 13500
CK3000 2500-3000 Jkl15 12 7500*2200*7500 13500