Form Traveller

Product Description

The form traveler (Called Bridge Builder) is common equipment for the construction of large-span pre-stress bridges which use cast-in build method. It can be used to build the segment one section by one section without supports and the help of large cranes.

The form traveler is a load-bearing frame that can slide or roll along the top of the bridge deck. It is anchored and suspended on the constructed beam section. The form traveler can be used for the installation of the next beam section’s formwork, reinforcement, pre-stressed pipes, concrete pouring, pre-stress tensioning, grouting and other operations. After completing the cycle of one segment, the form traveler can move forward and fixed to carry out the suspension grouting of the next segment, and so on until the cantilever grouting is completed.


1) Nante’s form traveler is modulated design and connection, can be modified and repeat use for different site.

Technical Parameter

Type Capacity
Trigonometric Form Traveler 50t-150t
Diamond Form Traveler 50t-500t
Truss Form Traveler 50t-300t