0-Crane Component 3

CD/MD Series Wire Rope Hoist

Product Description

CD/MD series electric wire rope hoist is NANTE’s first generation hoist. This series hoist is traditional hoist structure design. Which is maturity, competitive price, easy installation, safety operation, and easy maintenance. NANTE can offer fixed type, monorail type, double girder design, single speed, double speed for different application. In additions, NANTE has the strong customized design ability which includes the advanced functions like anti-sway, automatic running, and data logger etc.


1) Three-stage fixed-axis helical gear transmission structure, alloy steel gear shaft, cast steel enclosure which is easy maintenance.
2) Conic motor: Unique column rotor-taper brake motor with low yawp, and more reliable.
3) Equipped the advanced guide rope technology which is reliable and safety.
4) Clamp type overload limit switch and rotational limit switch make the hoist to be operated safely.
5) High quality control panel is low malfunction and long service life.

Technical Parameter

Model Capacity HOL Duty Group
CD/MD Monorail Hoist 1t-20t 6m-36m M3-M4
CD/MD Fixed Hoist 1t-10t 6m-36m M3-M4
CD/MD-D Double Girder Hoist 2t-20t 6m-36m M3-M4