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NCHA Series Chain Hoist

Product Description

NCHA series European standard electric chain hoist is NANTE’s new generation chain hoist which adapt to the medium duty application. This series hoist has the advantage of compact design, High efficiency transmission, low noisy, low power consumption, easy installation, safety operation, and easy maintenance. NANTE can offer fixed type, monorail type, double girder design for different application. In additions, NANTE has the strong customized design ability, we can offer the chain hoist with some advanced functions like double brake, double overload limit switch, synchronous lifting with multiple hoists, and data logger etc.


1) Follows the international design code, like FEM, CMAA, EN ISO.
2) The gear box is die-casting aluminum shell, one time machining in CNC, high strength and light self weight.
3) High efficiency double speed motor which is IP55 and F isolation class。
4) Electric-Magnetic Brake is more reliable and low noisy.
5) Imported chain is high safety factor and long service life.
6) Full-sealed body design ensures no oil-leakage.

Technical Parameter

Model Capacity HOL Duty Group
NCHA Chain hoist 250kg-5000kg 3m-50m M4-M5