0-Crane Component 3

NW Series Open Winch

Product Description

NW series electric wire rope hoist is NANTE’s new generation Open Winch. This series open winch has the advantage of High working duty group, compact design, low noisy, low power consumption, easy installation, safety operation, and easy maintenance. NANTE can offer extreme high, extreme fast speed, extreme lifting height for different application. In additions, NANTE can offer some advanced functions to our customer like anti-sway, automatic running, and data logger etc.


1) Follows the international design code, like FEM, CMAA, EN ISO.
2) High class MC or X series industrial gear units, more gear ratio and customized features selection.
3) High Energy efficiency Inverter motor with 60% ED, IP55, F class, and independent cooling fan. (Can upgrade to IP66 and H class)
4) The Drum can design to one layer wire rope or multiple layer wire rope, and equipped with advanced technology rope guider.
5) High-performance and high-strength galvanized wire rope, high safety factor and long service life.
6) High-strength T class alloy steel forced hook, 360° rotation with ergonomic design.
7) SA2.5 class surface pre-treated by shot blasting. C3-C5 painting system according to ISO 12944-5.
8) Overload limiter, over-heat protection, over-current protection, up&down position limiter, secondary up position limiter, Phase relay, and other optional functions, like data logger, LED load displayer, etc.

Technical Parameter

Model Capacity HOL Duty Group Description
NWA-E Open Winch 5t-50t 6m-36m M3-M6 Electric-Magnetic Brake
NWA-EH Open Winch 5t-300t 6m-36m M4-M8 Double Brake: Electric-Magnetic Brake & Hydraulic Thruster Brake
NWA-HH Open Winch 5t-300t 6m-36m M4-M8 Double Hydraulic Thruster Brake