0-Crane Component 3

Remote Control

Product Description

A remote control system consists of a transmitter unit that generates control signals, plus receiver equipment permanently installed on the crane and electrically connected to the crane’s control panel. NANTE can offer remote control with 2 to 12 double speed buttons, or the joystick remote control with step-less speed. Meanwhile, Nante can provide customized remote controls with dual transmitters, dual receivers, and signal synchronization remote control for two cranes.


1) Durable nylon-fiber housing for extra shock resistance.
2) Low power consumption with 2 AA batteries (last up to 2months in normal operation).
3) Operating range up to 100 meters.
4) Programmable function setting through Windows-based software.
5) Economic efficiency, ease of operation.
6) Pre-wiring standard cable making wiring procedures easier
7) 100% compatible components reducing stock of spare part.
8) 4.3 billion Unique ID code, hamming code, enhanced watch-dog circuit.

Technical Parameter

Model Functions
F21-E1B Series 2 buttons – 8 buttons, single speed
F24 Series 2 buttons – 12 buttons, Double speed
F24-60D Joystick with step-less control