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Crane Control Panel

Product Description

The crane control panel is the core component of a crane. It include the hoisting control panel, long travel control panel or the whole crane control panel. And these control panel can issue instructions for various actions of the crane. After receiving the instructions, the electric control panel sends action signals to various mechanisms to guide the crane’s work. Meanwhile, NANTE can offer some advanced and intelligent electric system service which include anti-sway, automation crane, IOT, data logger etc.


1) The enclosure is IP55 and can upgrade to IP65 or IP66 with stainless enclosure.
2) Socket Plug-in design for easy connection in the site.
3) Top branding electric device which include contactor, MCB from Schneider, relay from Weidmuller, terminal from Phoenix。
4) The Inverter brand has various selections, like Schneider, Siemens, Delta and ABB.
5) The Main can power can be 220V-580V, 3P, 50/60hz, and the control voltage can be 24,36,48, 110,220V.

Technical Parameter

Model Functions
Long Travel Control Panel (NLCP) Include the control and inverter for the crane long travel
Hoisting Control Panel(NHCP) Include the control and inverter for cross travel and lifting
The Whole Control Panel(NCCP) Include the control and inverter for long travel,  cross travel and lifting