0-Crane Component 3

Crane Operator Cabin

Product Description

A crane cabin is a control room for the crane driver/operator. There is a seat with a joystick console in it. NANTE can provide 5 steps-less control joystick console for overhead crane, gantry crane with one hoist or dual hoist. NANTE also can customized the crane operator cabin with different dimensional and functions, like include Monitoring screen, air conditioner, and walkway platform for the cabins.


1) Good vision: The operator has a wide observation of the movements of the lifting hooks, lifting objects and cranes, and the surrounding conditions.
2) Comfortable environment: Soft lights, enough space, with AC or cooler, with console seats.
3) Sturdy, beautiful, safe, heat-insulating, fire-proof, dust-proof, and fully enclosed.

Technical Parameter

Model Dimension(W*H*D) Optional Features
NTC-1.2 1200mm*2100mm*1600mm Leather Seat
NTC-1.4 1400mm*2200mm*1600mm Leather Seat, 3 joystick console, monitoring screen
NTC-1.5 1500mm*2100mm*2200mm Leather Seat, 3 joystick console, monitoring screen