Offshore Davit Crane

Product Description

Offshore platform crane is a special crane used in the marine environment, which is mainly installed on offshore platforms, oil platforms or ocean ships for offshore hoisting operations. Nante can provide various types of offshore cranes, including wind power platform cranes, oil platform cranes, oil production ship cranes and other products. Nante offshore platform crane can adapt to the harsh, complex and changeable marine environment, and has the characteristics of simple operation, stable product performance, long service life, etc.


1) ISO C5-H coating: It is suitable for the special weather such as salt fog, humidity, typhoon, heavy rain, exposure, etc., which service life can be 25 years.
2) Closed design: put the core parts such as winch, limiting device and electric control device into the closed steel structure to extend the service life. At the same time, set up an observation window for the daily inspection and maintenance.
3) Lifting motor: IP66, waterproof and moisture-proof, and equipped with semi open rain cover, which can effectively prevent heavy rain and also ensure the heat dissipation of the motor. At the same time, holes are opened on the side of the rain cover to ensure that the cover will not be overturned in coastal typhoon weather.
4) Ergonomic design: the height of the column and the electric cabinet is moderate, the slewing mechanism is comfortable to operate, and the electric cabinet is designed with socket for easy connection.
5) Operation safety: It has double height limit, 360 degree rotating hook block, grounding lightning arrester, electromagnetic brake, motor thermal protection and other functions, effectively ensuring the safety of operators and equipment.
6) Special marine design: yellow and black warning colors are painted on the arm for easy identification. With offshore rescue lifting points, it can effectively escape from the offshore platform in case of accidents.

Technical Parameter

Type Capacity Working Dia. Height of Lifting Slewing Angel Lifting Speed
Manual Davit Crane 250kg-1000kg 1m-3m 5m-20m <=300° around 1m/min
Motorized Davit Crane 500kg-5000kg 2m-5m 5m-30m <=300° 8-22m/min