Jib Crane

Product Description

Jib crane is a kind of common using station crane in the workshop, which can effectively use the existed facilities, such as workshop columns, to fix the jib crane, so as to improve the space utilization of the workshop. Nante can design and manufacture free standing jib crane, mobile jib crane, wall mounted jib crane, wall travelling jib crane, to meet the different customers’ requirement. Nante’s jib cranes have the feature of flexible, durable, easy installation and disassembly etc..


1) NANTE’s Jib crane follows the design code of FEM, CMAA, ISO EN, BS, GB standard.
2) The column is manufactured from seamless pipe, and equipped the Switch button.
3) The jib arm can design as box girder beam (big capacity), I beam or KBK profile (light capacity).
4) The hoist can be chain hoist, Low headroom hoist and monorail hoist.
5) The slewing Mechanism can be manual or motorized which rotational degree can be 180°,270°,360°.
6) Follow IEC standard, IP55 powder coating high quality enclosure, socket plug-in for easy connection.

Technical Parameter

Type Capacity Height of Lifting Jib Length Slewing Model Slewing Angel
Free Standing Jib Crane 250kg-5000kg 2m-7m 2m-7m Manual,Motorized 180°|270°|360°
Movable Jib Crane 150kg-1000kg 1.5m-3m 1.3m-2.5m Manual 360°
Wall mounted Jib Crane 250kg-5000kg 2m-7m 2m-7m Manual,Motorized 180°
Wall Travelling Jib Crane 250kg-5000kg 2m-7m 2m-7m N/A N/A