Light Flexible Crane System

Product Description

KPK flexible crane system is a customized lifting system which is combining with different components, like KPK track with other auxiliary standard parts. It is normally used for material handling in assembly lines or specific work areas of workshops. Nante can provide single girder suspension KPK crane system, double girder KPK crane system, or curved suspension KBK crane system.


1) The flexible suspension KPK crane system can be designed and manufactured according to the existing conditions of the customer’s workshop.
2) The flexible suspension KPK crane system has a very light self-weight. The friction between the trolley and the KPK track is small. The chain electric hoist and its traveling drive device, electrical control device can quickly transport those small and light objects.
3) The KPK Track have 3 models: KPK -I, KPK -II, KPK -III which can easily design to meet the different span and capacity. The profile is an enclosed hollow cold pressed profile which can ensures that the internal trolley movement is clean and smooth.

Technical Parameter

Model Capacity Span Height of Lifting Cross Travel Model Long Travel Model
Single Girder Suspension Crane System 125kg-2000kg 3m-9m 2-6m Manual, Motorized Manual, Motorized
Double Girder Suspension Crane System 125kg-3200kg 3m-14m 2-6m Manual, Motorized Manual, Motorized