Single Girder Overhead Crane

Product Description

Single girder overhead cranes are most common type overhead cranes, an ideal solution for light duty and medium duty material handling. NANTE can offer different type design of single girder overhead crane with low headroom hoist, standard room (monorail) hoist, hollow shaft end carriage or open gear end carriage design to meet various workshop or warehouse applications with the features of compact design, light self-weight, low noisy, easy for installation and maintenance.


1) Follows the international design code, like FEM, CMAA, EN ISO.
2) Can equip with low headroom hoist or standard room hoist.
3) The girder is compact, low self-weight, and welded by S355 material, the welding specification follows ISO 15614, AWS D14.1, deflection can from 1/700 ~ 1/1000, MT or PT is requested for Fillet welding and UT is requested for joint welding.
4) The end carriage can be hollow shaft or open gear type design, the wheel is made by alloy steel with proper heat treatment.
5) Branding gear motor with IP55, F insulation class, IE3 Energy efficiency, over-heat protection, manual release bar, and electro-magnetic brake feature. The motor is controlled by inverter for smooth running.
6) The control panel design follow IEC standard, and is installed inside IP55 enclosure with socket for easy Installation.
7) Double line Galvanized C track festoon system with flat cable, one line for hoist power and signal transmission, one line for the pendent control trolley movement.
8) SA2.5 Surface pre-treated by blasting according to ISO8501-1; C3-C5 painting system according to ISO 12944-5

Technical Parameter

Lifting Capacity Lifting height Span Cross Travel Speed Long travel Speed Control Method
1t-20t 3m-30m 5m-30m 20m/min 32 m/min Pendent+ Remote Control