What Is a Bridge Builder?

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Bridge Builder, also known as “form traveler“, is an important piece of equipment and technology in bridge construction. It is mainly used in the construction of cantilever casting or cantilever assembling bridges, especially in the construction of pre-stressed concrete continuous girder bridges, T-type rigid bridges, continuous rigid bridges and other bridge types.

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What Is a Bridge Builder?


Working Principle

A hanging basket is a working platform that can be moved along the direction of the bridge axis. It is usually suspended on the completed bridge section and moves forward gradually with the extension of the bridge. The inside of the hanging basket is equipped with a formwork system, steel processing equipment, concrete pouring equipment, etc., so that the construction crew can complete the construction of the cantilever section of the bridge inside the hanging basket.


Structural Composition

The main load-bearing structure of the hanging basket is the main truss, which is usually made of welded steel sections or steel plates and is capable of withstanding all kinds of loads during the construction process. The formwork system consists of bottom, side and end molds, etc., which can be used to position and support the newly poured concrete girder sections. The traveling system enables the cradle to be moved in the direction of the bridge axis over the completed section. The anchoring system is used to hang the basket stably on the completed bridge section to ensure safety during construction. The working platform provides space for the crew to operate and is usually equipped with rebar processing equipment, concrete pouring equipment, etc.


Construction Process

The first step is the installation of hanging baskets, which are installed at the starting section of the bridge and are subjected to the necessary commissioning and inspection. The second step is formwork installation and reinforcement tying, installing formwork in the hanging basket and carrying out reinforcement tying work. The third step is concrete pouring and maintenance, pouring concrete inside the formwork and carrying out the necessary maintenance work. The fourth step is the forward movement of the hanging basket. When the construction of a concrete girder section is completed, the hanging basket will be moved forward to the next construction position. Lastly, the construction is repeated and the above steps are repeated until the bridge construction is completed.


Features and Advantages

The hanging basket construction method is suitable for many bridge types and construction conditions, so it can be said that it is adaptable. The hanging basket can be moved and positioned quickly, which improves construction efficiency. In addition, the hanging basket construction method can ensure the linearity and flatness of the bridge and improve the construction quality. The hanging basket construction method adopts cantilever casting or assembling, which reduces overhead work and improves construction safety.



Firstly, in the construction process, the hanging basket needs to be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure its structural safety and working performance. Secondly, the construction personnel need to strictly abide by the construction specifications and safety operation regulations to ensure the construction quality and safety. In addition, the hanging basket construction method needs to cooperate with other construction equipment and methods, such as pre-stressing tensioning, concrete pump trucks, etc., to ensure that the construction goes smoothly.


Application Scenarios

Large-span bridge construction: for large-span bridges, traditional construction methods may be difficult to implement or inefficient. At this time, the use of the hanging basket construction method can effectively solve the construction problems and improve the construction efficiency and quality.

Construction on rivers that cannot be cut off: when constructing bridges on rivers, if it is impossible to cut off the navigation, the hanging basket construction method can be an ideal choice. It can complete the cantilever construction of the bridge without affecting the navigation of the river.

Construction across busy highways and railways: when encountering busy highways and railways, in order not to affect the traffic, and at the same time to ensure the safety and quality of construction, the hanging basket construction method is a very suitable choice.

Construction in deep valleys or canyons: Traditional construction methods such as scaffolding in these areas can be very difficult or impossible to implement. The hanging basket construction method can easily accomplish the bridge construction task.


It is important to note that although the hanging basket method has a wide range of application scenarios, it also has its limitations and challenges. For example, the construction cost of hanging baskets is relatively high, and the requirements for construction technology and management are also high. Therefore, when choosing a construction method, various factors need to be considered to select the most suitable construction method.


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Nante’s form traveler


Nante’s form traveler is a modulated design and connection, which can be modified and repeatedly used for different site. The three types of Nante’s travelers include Trigonometric Form Traveler, Diamond Form Traveler and Truss Form Traveler.


In summary, bridge construction hanging basket is one of the important technologies in bridge construction, which has a wide application prospect and important practical value. In the actual application, it is necessary to consider various factors and choose the most suitable construction method and hanging basket type to ensure the safety, efficiency and quality of construction.