0-Crane Component 3

Safety Device

Product Description

In order to ensure the safe operation of the crane, the crane is also designed with many safety devices, so that the security of the machine and the operator can be well protected in the event of an accident. So what safety devices does the crane have?



Function Model Name Brand Advance Features
Overload Limiter BQX, ZQX, DCX,CQX NANTE High Precision
Load Weight Displayer NTGL NANTE LED with different size
Position Limit Swtich FGR, and LX33-32 GG or NANTE
Cross Limit Switch SNB, NSNB SUNS or NANTE IP66, long service life
Photoelectric Sensor BEN5M BEN10M Autonics Adjuestable distance.
Crane Alarm NTBC-8,NTBC-809 NANTE Adjustable voice and long service life
LED light 200W Phillps or NANTE