What Is a Launching Gantry?

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With the continuous development of modern bridge construction, the launching crane has become an indispensable and important piece of equipment. So, what exactly is a launching crane? This article will provide you with a detailed introduction.

The launching crane has become an indispensable and important piece of equipment.


Definition and role of launching crane

A launching crane is a kind of heavy machinery and equipment specialized in bridge construction, mainly used to erect prefabricated beams, steel box girders prefabricated segments and other components. Compared with traditional lifting methods, launching cranes have higher efficiency and flexibility, and can complete the erection of multiple spans in a short period. At the same time, due to its unique structural design, the Launch Crane can also be adapted to the construction of complex terrain and curved bridges.

Launching cranes plays a pivotal role in bridge construction. First, it can greatly improve the construction efficiency. The traditional lifting method requires long preparation and complex operation processes, while the launching crane can complete the erection task in a shorter time, thus shortening the construction period of the whole project. Secondly, the launching crane has high flexibility and adaptability. It can be customized and designed according to different project requirements to meet the construction requirements of bridges of different spans and shapes. Finally, the launching crane also has high safety and stability. Its unique design structure and advanced control system ensure the safety of personnel and equipment during construction.



Classification of launching cranes

According to the different structural forms and working principles, launching cranes can be divided into various types. One way of categorizing launching cranes is into single-girder launching cranes, double-girder launching cranes and segmental launching cranes.

Single girder launching cranes

Single girder launching crane is the most common type of launching crane. Its main features are its simple structure, easy operation and rapid movement. This type of crane is usually suitable for smaller bridge construction projects or used as auxiliary equipment in conjunction with other large equipment. However, due to the limited load-carrying capacity of single-girder launching cranes, double or multiple-girder launching cranes may be required for large tonnage bridge components.

Double girder launching cranes

The Double Girder Launching Crane has a greater load-carrying capacity and more stable performance than the Single Girder Launching Crane. It usually consists of two parallel main girders and one or more secondary girders that can withstand larger bending moments and torques. This type of crane is suitable for large bridge construction projects especially those that need to cross complex terrain such as canyons and rivers. However, double girder launching cranes are heavier and require more supporting structures and therefore require adequate preparation before construction.

Segmental launching cranes

The Segmental Launching Crane is a special type of launch crane that is mainly used for building curved bridges or other complex structures. This type of crane can divide the bridge components into several small segments to be erected and then put together to form a complete bridge. This method not only reduces the difficulty of transportation and lifting but also improves construction accuracy and quality. However, the operation of segmental launching cranes is relatively complicated and requires a high level of technical personnel.

The Launch Crane is an efficient, flexible and safe bridge construction equipment.


Characteristics of launching gantry

First of all, the launching gantry possesses high efficiency. As it adopts an advanced mechanical design and automatic control system, it can quickly and accurately complete the erection of bridge components. Whether it is prefabricated girders, steel box girders or other types of bridge components, the launching gantry can complete the erection task in a short time, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

Secondly, the Launch Gantry offers outstanding flexibility. Its design allows working on different terrains and bridge structures, including curved bridges, straight bridges, viaducts and so on. By adjusting the height, span and angle of the gantry, it can be adapted to a variety of complex construction environments and meet the needs of different bridge construction projects.

In addition, the launching gantry has high stability and safety. Its structure is sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding large weight and pressure, ensuring that no accidents will occur during the construction process. At the same time, the gantry is equipped with advanced safety protection devices and a monitoring system, which can monitor the running status and working environment of the equipment in real-time to ensure the safety of construction personnel.

Finally, the launching gantry also has customizability. According to the needs of different bridge construction projects, the gantry can be customized with different specifications and bearing capacities to meet specific construction requirements. This flexibility gives the launching gantry a wide range of application prospects in the field of bridge construction.

As a professional crane manufacturer, Nantes offers a wide range of specifications and types of launching gantries to meet the needs of different bridge construction projects. Whether it is single girder or double girder, whether it is small tonnage or large tonnage, Nante can provide suitable launching crane solutions.




Overall, the Launch Crane is an efficient, flexible and safe bridge construction equipment that plays a vital role in modern bridge construction. Nantes’ Launch Cranes are an efficient, flexible and safe bridge construction machine that provides strong support for modern bridge construction. Whether it is a large bridge or a small bridge, a straight bridge or a curved bridge, Nantes’ Launch Cranes provide the perfect solution.