Nante Crane Won the Honorary Title of Advanced Collective of Dongguan Street in 2023

Date: 2024-03-16 Share:

On the morning of February 23, Dongguan Street held a meeting of cadres and hard work to create change and act bravely when the “City of Youth” construction spearhead. The meeting attracted the participation of all the cadres of the street organs, the cadres of the village communities, the heads of enterprise above designated size, the heads of the stations of the relevant departments and various advanced representatives.

At the meeting, the 2023 district and street collective honor and advanced individual list were read out, and the awarding ceremony was held. Among the many outstanding groups and individuals, Nante crane won the honorary title of advanced collective. This is one of the most important honors of Dongguan Street every year and a full recognition of the efforts and achievements of the entire team of Nante.

2023 is an extraordinary year in the history of Nante. With the joint efforts of all members of Nante, a series of brilliant achievements have been made. Which includes:

1. The overall performance has achieved a rapid growth of more than 30%, and the performance of developed countries has grown rapidly, with a growth rate of more than 100%. At the same time, brand awareness has continued to start, and brand premium has continued to increase.

2. New product research and development continued to advance, and automated cranes shone at the first Canton Fair after the epidemic. At the same time, explosion-proof hoists, crane iot and life cycle management systems are also about to be launched.

3. Nante has won many honorary titles including provincial specialized and special new enterprise, municipal first set, Shangyu District labor harmony Enterprise and so on.

In recent years, Nante has always adhered to the people-oriented, adhering to the concept that employees are the greatest asset of the company. Over the years, the average salary has increased by more than 8%, and employee benefits including paid annual leave, annual physical examination, annual travel, annual dinner are provided. In addition to improving employee satisfaction, we have also invested a lot in staff capacity improvement and training. These include vocational qualification certification training, education promotion subsidies, regular organization of internal and external work and management of energy conservation training.

The honorary title of “excellent collective” is also a full affirmation of Nante’ increased investment in employees and staff growth in recent years. On this special occasion, let’s give a thumbs up to the people of Nante! It is hoped that Nante Crane will continue to maintain excellent performance on the road of future development and contribute more to the construction of Shangyu and Dongguan.