Nante Crane Successfully Hold Fire Emergency Drill

Date: 2024-06-01 Share:

On May 22, Nante Crane successfully hold a fire emergency drill to improve fire safety awareness and response skills, which ensures employees can act quickly and effectively in a fire to protect lives and property.

Before the drill, all employees received training on fire safety, including causes, prevention, and escape techniques. This training provided essential guidance for handling fires.

The drill included simulations of fires in production workshops and office areas. Employees evacuated quickly and orderly, using fire extinguishers and other tools to put out the fires. Their active cooperation and quick response demonstrated strong emergency capabilities.

Employees with strong fire prevention awareness are invaluable assets. This drill improved their fire safety skills and boosted their confidence in handling fires. It also improved the company’s ability to deal with emergencies and laid a solid foundation for the company’s stable development.

Nante Crane will continue to enhance fire safety efforts, regularly organizing drills and training to ensure the safety of employees’ lives and property. We aim to create a safer and more stable working environment to support the company’s development through everyone’s joint efforts.