Mother’s Day: A tribute to every great mother

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“You are my rock, my confidant, and my best friend. Thank you for always being there for me, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Cherry, from the sales department of Nante Crane, who is busy on weekdays, but she still cares about the needs of her family and children, and has to bear the pressure and responsibility of work. This double burden has made her stronger and braver in life. Wishing every mother health and joy throughout the years.

“The love and support you’ve given me my entire life are priceless.I’m so grateful for you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Yang Li, from the assembly electrician group of the production Department of Nante Crane, has been working diligently, but at the same time, she also takes care of the family in good order, the years have left traces on her face, but it can not erase her hard-working heart. Bless every mother safe life every year.

“To the woman who has given me everything, from endless love to boundless opportunities, thank you. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom”

Song Lujia, from the Quality Inspection Department of the Production Department of Nante Crane, is extremely sensitive to details in her work and can notice some subtle points that others may ignore, which is a very important point for quality inspection work. In her life, the two children grew up healthily and happily under her meticulous care.

“Words cannot express how much you mean to me, but I’ll keep trying. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, Mom!”

Dong Zhuying, a warehouse manager from the PMC department in Nante Crane, does a good job of data statistics before delivery day after day, and measures the size and weight of the products accurately. Back home, she is also an ordinary mother, love children, love the family, enjoy the happiness of the family.

“A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible. Thank you for always believing in me. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Luo Cijuan, from Administration Department of Nante Crane, is responsible for the management of the company’s personnel information, staff recruitment, attendance and other aspects of work. She is always enthusiastic and thoughtful in her work. As a mother, she patiently takes care of her children every day, earnestly tutors his homework, takes good care of her family and children at home, and does her own work outside. Family and career complement each other.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers of all employees from Nante Crane.
Wish all the mothers in the world, good health, long life.
Salute to all the great mothers.