0-Crane Component 3

Rail Rubber Pad

Product Description

Rail rubber pad is important components in the installation of crane rail. Using rubber pads can significantly reduce the weight and noise generated during crane working, which is beneficial for the mechanical and electrical components of the crane and improves their service life. The rail rubber pads produced by Nante are made of synthetic rubber that is wear-resistant, compressive, antioxidant, UV resistant, and oil resistant. The cross-section of the pad is slightly convex in the middle which can make the force on the pad to be more reasonable. The steel plate is embedded in the middle of the pad, which can bear more pressure and longer service life.


1) Reduce noise and structural vibration.
2) Reduce rail wear and fatigue stresses.
3) Reduce crane runway maintenance.
4) Reduce stress in the runway structure and the crane.
5) Totally resistant to water, oil, grease, mildew and fungus.
6) Absorbs the uneven contact between the rail and runway.
7) Protects the crane mechanism and increase working life of the wheels, bearing and axle.
8) Distributes the wheel load over a larger surface area.
9)  Available for all rail size.

Technical Parameter

Model Width Suitable Rail
PA7-108 108 P30, P38, P43
PA7-118 118 QU70
PA7-128 128 QU80
PA7-147 147 QU100
PA7-168 168 QU120
PA7-195 195 A100
PA7-215 215 A120, A150