0-Crane Component 3

Rail Accessories

Product Description

Rail accessories are an important component of crane rails, mainly has welded base rail clamp, through-hole rail clamp, fishplates, and others. Nante can provide GB standard WJK, CGWK welded base rail clamp, 9116, 9216 welded base rail clamp, TS1210, TS1610 through-hole rail clamp, and FP series fishplates.


1) 9116,9216 series rail clamp and FP series fish plate are made by forged steel。
2) The clamp has the clip cap with integral rubber block.
3) Equipped with 8.8 or 10.9 customized bolts and nuts。
4) Can do galvanizing for high corrosive environment.。

Technical Parameter

Type Model Material Code Customized Service
GB Standard Welded-base Rail clamp WJK, CGWK Casting Steel
ISO Standard Welded-base Rail clamp 9116, 9216 Forged Steel Galvanized
ISO Standard Through-bolted Rail Clamp TS1210, TS1610 Forged Steel Galvanized
GB standard Fishplate FP24, FP43, FP80, FP100 Forged Steel