0-Crane Component 3

Pendant Control

Product Description

The crane pendant control is a transmitter unit with buttons, which is connected to the crane electrical control panel through a pendant cable to control various movements of the crane. NANTE can provide 2-12 single and dual speed buttons pendant control with emergency stop. Meanwhile, Nante can provide pendant control festoon system or customized pendant control with different push buttons or switch buttons.


1) Two speed control buttons,
2) IP65 protection class
3) New reforced ABS material for long service life.
4)  Conductive copper-based electrical contact.
5) Silver-nickel alloy contact suface.
6)  Applicable to dust, outdoor, rain operating environment

Technical Parameter

Model Brand Functions
NXAC NANTE 2 buttons – 12 buttons, single speed or double speed + Emergency Stop
XAC Schneider 2 buttons – 9 buttons, single speed or double speed + Emergency Stop